Baking in general  and making wedding and celebration cakes has been my passion for many years. I got my inspiration from the wonderful creations in Riga’s cafes and pastry shops, based on the Austrian pastry making traditions. The base of my cakes is classical French genoise, vanilla or chocolate, moistened with flavored simple syrup, often infused with liqueurs. I use a variety of pastry and filling components to create interesting flavor and texture combinations. They are chocolate fudge cake, flourless chocolate soufflé pastry, dijonnaise (French meringue made with ground almonds or hazelnuts), chocolate and berry mousses, citrus curds and pastry cream. They are always finished with classical French buttercreams and decorated with fresh or sugar-frosted flowers, fruit and berries.

My cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. My clients always comment how the guests at their weddings remember my cakes for years after the events and some order them to celebrate significant anniversaries.

“This is the best cake I had at a wedding” -  Julia Child